Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sanity lost and restored.

A few days ago I was helping a friend of mine move furniture and an appliance. Yeah, sounds a bit much but it wasn't bad. Well, he is the proud father of three children, two of them being boys. I started thinking, damn, I wouldn't mind raising a lil dude to be a man. . . Then I thought about the financial responsibility that comes with having a newborn, infant and toddler. As much as I would love to have slip dude, who's to say it wouldn't be another girl!?! For now, I will just stick with raising my daughters and dealing with all that's involved with them.

Another child?! What was I thinking! ?

-2andababy (I would have to change my name to 2andababy+boi)
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Greatest Dad Ever?

Boots lost her tooth at school Tuesday afternoon and was SO excited. Not because it has been loose for so long but, because contrary to popular belief, she still believes in the Tooth Fairy. This meant another visit for sure!(??)

Well, Wednesday morning comes and the TF didn't make a visit the night before!! At first, it was shock and disbelief from Boots. Being the Dad I am, I calmed her fears by telling her the TF took a sick day and would make up for it the next night. Yes, of course that was a lie but she was starting to get disappointed. I had to think fast. She asked m how did I know the TF was sick and I told her she sent me an E-mail!

So, we wake up this morning and,you guesed it, no TF again! I know, I know, we suck as parents. Who cares what you think, the TF isn't real anyway! But I can't tell Boots that,yet so I told her the TF was took a vacation day and would most def make it up tonight. Her response? "Why couldn't one of the other TFs just cover for her? " I admit I was stumped at her cleverness but quickly responded it was a territory issue. The Alpharetta TF can't go to another area to cover a friends territory and they just have to work harder to make it up when they return- whew!

Tonight, we have to make sure the TF visits because I'm running out of excuses and I don't want to loose my Greatest Dad Ever status so soon.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

True Gratitude

As much as I despise the day that is celebrated by many as Valentine's Day, I felt compelled to "do something" for the ladies in my life- even if it's just so they won't feel left out by comparison.  Well, yesterday was no different, and before you run off and scream "I DON'T WANT TO READ ANOTHER SAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY BLOG!!",  this will not be long, nor sappy. 

I made dinner for the wife and girls ( nothing special, I cook all the time).  But the thing that really made me smile and feel good about yesterday was when my youngest daughter saw the balloon I got for her and actually tried to jump (she actually has a 1/2 inch vertical now) and get it out of the air.  Not only that but, she ate all of her food!  I should have taken a picture of her stuffing her little hand in her mouth to get all of the sauce off the linguine afterwards; using the napkin she was cleaning her hands with, to pick up more pasta and stuff in her mouth.  Additionally, the oldest (Boots), made a statement that made me proud to be a father . . . "Daddy is so nice for doing all of this for us, we should do something for him", it may not seem like much but it worked for me. 

I am telling you all of this to say, I am glad I was able to provide the girls in my life (and the wife) with that type of  foundation for what they should expect from any hopeful in their life many years to come.  I mean I hate that I am setting this precedent, because I feel the day is such a rip-off for any male that is in a relationship, trying to get in a relationship or anything of that nature but- nothing is too good for my daughters. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

I will decide on a title for this entry once it is completed.  I really don't know where to begin.  It has been so long since I have made an entry revealing the latest happenings of my life or thoughts in my brain, it's just so much clutter!  But enough about me, how is everyone doing?!!

First I will say, I you haven't heard of Kevin Hart, please do yourself a favor and check him out.  I don't work for his promotional team, so I am not getting paid for this endorsement (I know, silly, right?) but I really think he is a funny lil dude.  I went with the wife and my sister to Columbia, SC to catch his show a few weeks back and had a blast.  "Columbia, SC"!?,you say; "What the heck did you go up there for?  I know he did a show in Atlanta!!" Well, to you I say, "Yes , he did a show in Atlanta but we missed it because it was close to Christmas and when you have children, you kinda put them first and make sure they have a wonderful Christmas instead of spending money on a comedy show." (I don't know why I can not get rid of this italics style . . . I have clicked that little button a million times and keep hitting crtl+i but it's not working!!!!!)

Well, now that's over.  As I said this guy is really hilarious and other than the venue being overcrowded, hot, and the seats being entirely tooo close- we all had a great time.  


So I just found out the other day my younger cousin signed to Tennessee to play football!  I am not a huge UT fan but, I support my family.  He was the #2 athlete in the state as far a recruiting goes, so this was a big move for him and a hard decision for him to make ( glad he decided to keep it in the SEC and especially in Tenn.).  So be on the lookout for Cameron Clear, (6'6", 265lbs) normally he's played OT but he feels more comfortable and has confidence in his hands to play TE.  Go Vols!!


Well, we are still looking for a house and although everyone says this is the perfect time ( and I really do not disagree), I am overwhelmed with the selection and kinda wish we only had 3 house to pick from.  The wife is looking for certain things and so am I but I believe she wants more than I do.  I mean I am willing to do the work to get the house to look the way we want it to look.  She seems to want a "turn-key" situation with the perfect kitchen and bathroom.  All I need is the proper layout, square footage and a basement (with three females, I believe I deserve my own "man cave").   I will keep you guys posted on things as they progress, but with all the factors we have to consider (schools, commute, whether it is close to Publix or not) this might take a while. 

Now I know why I haven't been blogging as much lately. . . . NO TIME!!  It's crazy, now that I have additional responsibilities at work ( I am now doing the job of my former manager from two years ago-he was recently relieved of his duties) and video gaming (I have become addicted to COD: Black Ops), trying to take the load off the wife by taking care of the girls and making every effort to read more (at night before bed); being on the computer or mobile blogging is more of a luxury!!  I know I have neglected my ever so small following but I apologize. Please charge it to my head, not my heart.  Of course there are women out there reading this and saying  . . ."blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda . .. busy!?!?  I can do all that and still keep up with my blogging and more!!!"  Well, to that I say, "good for you!!!  I don't really care what you can do . . . it has no affect on my life or taking any load off my back, so BACK OFF!!"  Whew, that felt great. 

I was going to type a heartfelt warming message to send everyone off in a great mood, especially with the snow, freezing rain, normal rain and other crazy precipitation that half of the country is experiencing; but instead I will leave you with this . . . 

Title: Things I Haven't Told You Since My Last Post