Thursday, February 17, 2011

Greatest Dad Ever?

Boots lost her tooth at school Tuesday afternoon and was SO excited. Not because it has been loose for so long but, because contrary to popular belief, she still believes in the Tooth Fairy. This meant another visit for sure!(??)

Well, Wednesday morning comes and the TF didn't make a visit the night before!! At first, it was shock and disbelief from Boots. Being the Dad I am, I calmed her fears by telling her the TF took a sick day and would make up for it the next night. Yes, of course that was a lie but she was starting to get disappointed. I had to think fast. She asked m how did I know the TF was sick and I told her she sent me an E-mail!

So, we wake up this morning and,you guesed it, no TF again! I know, I know, we suck as parents. Who cares what you think, the TF isn't real anyway! But I can't tell Boots that,yet so I told her the TF was took a vacation day and would most def make it up tonight. Her response? "Why couldn't one of the other TFs just cover for her? " I admit I was stumped at her cleverness but quickly responded it was a territory issue. The Alpharetta TF can't go to another area to cover a friends territory and they just have to work harder to make it up when they return- whew!

Tonight, we have to make sure the TF visits because I'm running out of excuses and I don't want to loose my Greatest Dad Ever status so soon.

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