Wednesday, December 29, 2010

When public parking goes wrong.

The other day a good friend (GF) of mine was taking his "fiance" to the grocery store to pick up a few things.  As they make their way through the lot, he spots a perfect spot towards the front and begins to turn into it . . . CAUTION!!!  At the same time, an older lady (OL) notices the same spot and attempts to go around his vehicle to get in the exact same spot!   A standoff ensues.

After about 20 min (of course his "fiance" went in the store to do her shopping), my GF is still patiently waiting on the OL to move and so is she.  Another patron leaves the store and just happens to be parked directly next to the "war space".  This allows the OL to make her way into that spot and GF took the original spot.  At this time, the local police arrive-Duhn, duhn, duuuuhhhhhnnnn (that was my "danger is looming" sound).  They go to the OL's car and get information from her regarding the incident and allow her to go in the store to complete her shopping. Next, they make their way over to my GF and ask him what happened, he explains.  Then,  they ask for his ID- here is the issue.  One of the main reasons we are GF is because we see things in a similar light but he being a Marine Corp vet, he tends to be a bit more on edge than me- most of the time.  A simple question that might have been to some but to him, it was the catalyst for destruction.  He responds with, "Why? Am I being charged with something?"  Of course they reply "no", because no actual crime has been committed- they just wanted to run his ID to check for warrants or outstanding tickets.  Not to mention, my GF is about 6'0", 245lbs- kinda menacing when he wants to be.  After about 15 min of the authorities not giving him a reason as to why they needed his ID and him not wanting to willingly release it, he was arrested!  They charged him with obstruction of justice- impeding an investigation- I could not believe it!

Now, I say all that to say this . . . sometimes you have to choose which battle you want to fight and which battles you have higher chance of winning.  As I mentioned earlier, I have been in similar situations in the metro area but realized at times, that officer or bouncer was not in the mood for me or anything that I was saying (as reasonable as it might have been) and I conceded.    A lot of this happened after the birth of my oldest daughter- you know, I got a different perspective on life and realized I wasn't just out there living for me but for her and her future . . .. blah, blah, blah- sometimes growing up sucks bathtub sponge! 

My GF is out of jail and he understands he could have avoided the entire altercation and the hassle that he will have to face in the months to come.  HOWEVER, he still feels he was well within his right to question the officer.  I agree with him but he also has to understand, certain jurisdictions don't take that time to "play" with citizens and feel in order for them to do their job, you must do what they say . . . and others are a bit more "Gomer Pyle" about it all. 

Well, he is supposed to be at the party we are having at my sisters house this weekend (celebrating 1-1-11) and I will probably have a drunk counseling session with him then.  I will tell you more about that later!!

13-3!!  What is your team's record!?


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Much Ado About . . .

I haven't really had much to blog about lately and have just been enjoying the holidays and spending time relaxing.  I had a really enjoyable Christmas, spent time with the wife and her family- I can't say I had a blast but it was an okay time.  Speaking of the wife and her family, I have a question to ask all of you.  Is it a problem or is it bad that I still don't know all of her extended family members by their names?  I mean, I could pick'em out in a line up but if you ask me to find them in a movie theater- I'd just sit by myself.  I ask because, even though we have only been married less than a year, we dated for almost 6 or more (don't tell her I don't know the specifics).  Doesn't that mean I should at least know the names of these people I have seen off and on over this time period  in my life?  I guess it's no big deal.  I have never been good with names anyway.  I normally always look for something significant or different about a person that I interact with and come of with a moniker for them related to that thing i.e. Kuntry Eddie.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Growing up I never got everything I wanted but my parents made sure  I had all that I needed.  My sister and I learned to appreciate the little things that we received.  My oldest daughter does not truly know what it feels like to need or want anything.  I believe it is my fault and I do not want her to continue to grow up in a society where she does not show appreciation.  I am not the one to admit that she is spoiled because she does not get everything she wants but I like to make sure she is well taken care of.   Most of it stems from me being a single parent raising her for 5-6 years of her life (6 mos. after her birth).  I felt as if I had to overcompensate for not being "mommy".

I don't want this to turn into a pity party for me, I am just giving a brief background as to why I feel I have caused my daughter to be such an ingrate.  It pangs me to even speak that about her because I truly feel it is my fault.  As I eluded to earlier, the times I kept my daughter (which was either every weekend or over the past 5 yrs. during the school week), I made every attempt to discipline and maintain order.  But at times, it became too overwhelming not knowing or understanding the mentality of  a little girl.  Of course I had my mother, my sister and close female friends to give me guidance and assistance at times but a phone call or a text doesn't always help when you are almost at your wits end. 

Her mom was/is the "fun" parent, they would always do things, go places, eat whatever, stay up late, etc. with the other children in the house (her mom has 4 other children) and when it was back to my place it was so "blah".   Thus began my quest to make her time with me more entertaining.  Not only did she have her own room, she had a tv, dvd player, my old computer (at the age of 3-but she knew how to work it) and loads of toys.  All these things because I thought it would make up for not having the other children around to play with and more to do than just hang with me.  Even when we had time (which was rare) we would go to the park, the mall ( although I loathe being in the mall), or just sit around together and play a board game. 

All these things, I believe helped the situation at the time but only made it worse for me now.  It seems now that she expects to receive and even when she doesn't she knows it's not a big deal- it will come eventually.  That might sound great but, when it comes; there is a lackadaisical sense of gratitude.  I can go on and on about this because it is really eating me up inside but I won't, I guess I just had to share my thoughts with the few bleeps that visit my page and let them be aware of few things. 
  1.  Learn to appreciate the people and possessions in your life you never know what it took for you to receive them. 
  2. Children only know what they are exposed to, instead of competing for friendship, try being a complete parent.
  3. Never let another person dictate your actions, do what you feel is right in your heart and you will never, ever be disappointed. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


My first plog!!  Thanks to the wonderful folks at Honda Carland for having this display.  I have included a link so you can see more of this being put together.  It's amazing!!

The Statue of Liberty

Carousel and Taj Mahal?

Scurvy Pirates!!!  Aaarrrrrggghhh!

Storming the castle . ..

More of the castle battle and a view of the courtyard

Not sure what this building was, but it was over 10ft (or something like that)

A parade! YAY!!

More coolness and a random kid (not mine, Maury)

Full frontal of Lady Liberty

This wasn't part of  the display, but my bleeps know the deal.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Manic Monday

It's cold outside (not as cold as last week), and the heat is not working in our office suite!  Remarkably, KE made it to work today, I bet if he knew the heat wouldn't be working, he would've called out. 

On the bright side, the Titans won yesterday ( too little too late if you ask me) and "my" Falcons are continuing to make it happen on the field improving to 12-2 and clinching a playoff berth.  I am freezing my phalanges off so w'[4last 3w38 (I think I just lost two index fingers).  Later folks, I need more hot cocoa. 

It's cold, but I'm a man of my word.  Go Falcons!!  Burrrrrr!


Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's the weekend- half- assed post!

So as I mentioned earlier, here is the story on how I won an iPad. It was at my sister's company Christmas party (they may call it a holiday party to be PC but I don't give a rats ass).  So, I went to this party last year and had a really good time. They had on costumes, had GREAT food and the spirits were flowing freely.  Of course, I had to keep my composure and not get too twisted as not to embarrass her or make her lose her job but we made it through. 

Fast forward to this year (>>>>>>>- I really wanted to type that "fast forward" sound but I am not that creative), and the happenings that you missed.  I wasn't supposed to go!  I opted out and was going to let the wife attend so she could enjoy all the revelry.  However, with "snowjam 2010", she was super busy at work and with our youngest being sick, she didn't really feel like leaving.  So . . . I went in her place and represented as only I could!!!!

Well, this year (wait, I notice I use the term "well" a lot- did anyone else pickup on that?  Does it bother y'all?) the theme was Moulin Rouge.  That sucked for me because it was more "classy" than comical.  Well, it was supposed to be . . . far be it from my sis and I not to find enormous amounts of hilarity in everyday people.  Of course the food selection was great and I decided this year NOT to drink as much as I did in the previous year (I only had 2 beers and 1.5 drinks- liquor first . . . you know liquor before beer never fear). But I was enjoying myself just walking around the country club acting as if  I truly belong and it was "my hangout" and everyone else was just visiting. 

SN:  Lil Zig just woke up coughing and didn't seem too happy.  Crisis averted, back to the moment.  Towards the end of the party, they always do a raffle for prizes and these prizes are really nice!  However, I have never won anything in my life (except for the time my mom made my sis and I call in a local radio station and sing a song- I think we got tix to the circus or something- it was horrible).  So as we sit in the back of the crowd (near the bars) hanging out waiting, I hear my ticket number called!!!!  (Insert text short hand here): GTFOH!!  I didn't believe it but as I walked towards the stage screaming WAIT! WAIT! I WON!! IT'S ME!!  and made my way on the stage, all I could think about was my new favorite comedian Kevin Hart and in my head saying "sh!t just got real".

I like to talk . . . period.  If you know me and have been around me sober, tipsy or wasted you know I can run my mouth- most of the time about random BS.  I say that to say, it was a mistake for the CEO of the company to be on stage calling out the winners and letting the winners speak on the mic when they hit the stage.  I really wish someone would've "Kanyed" me because I was just going on and on showing gratitude to people I didn't even know.  Oh, and even though I feel like my appearance has changed slightly over the past year, the CEO still told me (and the entire crowd) I look a lot like Spike Lee-REALLY?

Well, (there it goes again) I get my prize and the chick in charge of the raffle made sure I was aware the I knew what I was receiving. "This is an iPad" , she kept saying as she shoved the gift bag to my chest and motioned for me to break away from the crowd as if they were an angry mob of customers at the Apple store on iPad release date and I had the last 32G- Wi-Fi model.  She even went as far as putting the ribbon straps from the bag on my arm to make sure I didn't lose it!  Well, we made it out of the party safely and I didn't get mauled for my winnings or spoils if you will.  I had a great time and gave the prize to my sister.  I love electronics but I know she has been wanting one of those things since they debuted and it was a perfect unexpected Christmas gift.  I mean after all, isn't this the season of giving and spreading joy? 

Tomorrow my Titans play again.  It's against the Houston Texans, I'm not sure if it's a home game or not ( I usually keep up with that because my best friend is a double season ticket holder and I get to go when it's available) but I am just waiting this season out, if you recall.  So as promised . . . oh, before I forget thanks to the simplest dude in my blogsphere for providing the inspiration for the weekend post.


Fcuk Apple

So this is a mobile blog, so excuse the T9 corrections. The family and I went to Honda to get the spare key made and it took a little over an hour and a half so we took the shuttle to the mall. In this place that I loathe (you will learn I dislike shopping and malls), I had to go to the Apple store to get a case for the ipad I won the night before (I will explain later). Although, it was overcrowded, I was overlooked. I don't know if it was because I am black or because my boots weren't tied. Regardless of the reason, two associates stood next to me (albeit they were assisting someone else) and didn't bother to even give me a head nod. I am officially boycotting that Apple store until further notice.


Oh, yeah Go Falcons!
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Randomness . . . don't waste your time.

You can purchase this as a shirt here-no proceeds go to 2andababy.

So, last night I was bored and began to search through Netflix to see what movie I could stream to pass the time away.  The wife was gone shopping with the oldest, so it was just me and the lil Z-ster.  Well, let me back up a bit; by the time I began my movie search, lil Z was asleep on my lap.  So I was at this quest alone.

TEETH. If you haven't seen it, I am not sure if you should but the concept was what attracted me and ultimately hooked me.  Below is a very brief synopsis of the film courtesy of the good folks at IMDb :

Still a stranger to her own body, a high school student discovers she has a physical advantage when she becomes the object of male violence. 

So if you don't know by now, I am a sucker for a good horror film, scary movie, thriller or anything that attempts to fit in that genre.  Thus the reason I decided to give this movie a try.  Of course you are wondering what her "physical advantage" is and what makes it a thriller . . . she has TEETH in her meat curtains!! (I took that term from Jerry in the movie Group Sex- I am also a cheesy romantic comedy sucker-don't judge me.)

Well, needless to say after sharing my thoughts on the movie with all my tweeps (all 25 of them) and once the wife got home forcing her to sit down and join me; I was throughly disappointedThe plot was terrible and the ending was even worse.  I really can't tell you why I continued to watch it and I didn't plan on this entry being a movie review so I will move on to something more important.  

Well, after staying up late to waste my precious 1:33, I woke up extra tired.  This was not one of those days that I needed to be tired.  I had a lot to do today, well, not really I only had to go to work and surf the web while e-mailing various clients and keeping up with the latest sports but it seemed like a lot in my mind.  Well, as I get ready to leave to take the girls to school and start my eventful day . . . where is the car key?  Crap!!!  My wife left early for work and took the only key we have for the other car!!  What the hell am I gonna do? 
BLOG!  That has been the solution to a lot of issues that arise in my life over the past couple of months.  I use this as an outlet to let people know what's going on with me and hopefully get insight on it from others. 

I have to save my fingers for work later so I will abruptly end this.  STOP

11-2!!  Super Bowl Bound!!


Monday, December 13, 2010

A case of the weeklys.

Another busy day for me due to the lack of participation from my "co-worker".  I use that term loosely because you have to actually work to be considered a true co-worker.  This will be brief so bear with me. Our warehouse guy (my wife and I call him Kuntry Eddie) has an attendance problem.  I  am not sure if it is something that has plagued him since elementary school but I am aware it is happening  in his adult life.  Now, KE is a decent worker when he is "available" but that is the key . . . when he's available.

Today, it's about 18 degrees outside and anybody with ears and eyes can see that this has been in the works since about mid-last week.  Why . . . please tell me, would you do repairs on your vehicle and put water in the radiator?  This is a major component of your engine and can cause you grief if it overheats or gets too cold.  So, water freezes at about , what?  32 degrees?  As I mentioned it is 18 this morning!!  Well,  KE is at home because if his incompetence and lack of motivation when it comes to working.  Notice  I said  nothing about not  getting a paycheck because for some odd reason, he has an unlimited supply of "sick time" and will still get paid for this fiasco.  My wife and I have often pondered if he is on drugs, due to the lack of ever completing a 40 hr work week in the 3 yrs I have been with this company.  If anyone can shed light on this subject it would be greatly appreciated.  I think it's meth (those commercials frighten me) but I am not familiar with the antics of a real life meth addict, all I know are crack and heroin addicts, weed heads and alchys. 

Well, I have to go because whenever KE is not at work I have to do my job plus his.  Not that I don't enjoy zipping around the warehouse on a forklift narrowly avoiding knocking over racks and boxes; it's just I don't want to have to do it everyday!  I would say this is a FML moment, but hey, at least I have a job that pays!


Oh yeah, I almost forgot . . .

Rah, Rah, Rah . . . Go Falcons!!  11-2!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I LOVE fried hot dogs!

A dirty grill has more flavor!

Well, it's the weekend and most people don't blog or even read blogs on weekends. . . so I will take a phrase from another blog I like to follow- here's my Half-Assed Weekend post.

Yesterday, I did NOTHING and loved it!  My sister spent the night on our sofa (sorry, sis) and took the oldest little one out all day. It was cool, i guess . .. I wasn't there but it seems like they had a good time. At least I was able to keep up with her whereabout while they galavanted throughout the city via Foursquare (Big Brother for social geeks).  My wife allowed me to sleep for almost 3 hours yesterday-uninterrupted and I love her for that.  I mean she didn't allow the little, bitty one wake me up.  Except for the when she attempted to take my socks off and smell my feet but, it did not deter my mission.  Other than that . . . it was pretty uneventful, we just sat around watching old movies on Netflix and relaxing-it was great.

Well, this morning, I realized we were out of milk, eggs and need to get somethings for the oldest daughter to take to school this week for the "gingerbread building" party they are having next week (don't worry, if I can make it, I will take pics and share-possibly my first picture blog).  So as I make my way through the aisles of the local Wally World, I come to a shocking revelation .  . .. the little blue handbaskets they give you are not big enough for my essentials!!  Now, don't get me wrong, I am not one that says bigger is better or that you need more than what you can carry but follow my logic folks.  I went to pick up among other things, a gallon of milk and a carton of eggs (nothing less than 18 large- my girls eat like 13 yr old boys).  I get the milk and trot over to the egg section and realize they won't fit comfortably in the basket!!  Why not?!  Most of the time when you make a market run, what are you going to get?  Well, sanitary napkins, contraceptives, tissue and chocolate don't count . . .nor does beer because there is ALWAYS room for beer.  But a person with children knows that you always run out of milk and eggs before anything else . . . why not make the little basket slightly longer to fit the eggs and the gallon of milk?  I really hope that Wally World doesn't change this because I already feel they are a major part of the fleecing of our middle class but that will not be a topic on any of my blogs.

Anyway, I got the eggs and the milk and all is well.  Now to eat my breakfast and get my mind prepared for pre-game and later all day NFL.  I love  Sundays . . . the Titans were on Thurs (notice I didn't say they played) so today I can focus all my efforts on my "new" team the Atlanta Falcons.  I hope they win, I need some motivation for this week . . . it's gonna be a cold one!  Thanks to Bob in Alberta, for the Arctic Blast we are experiencing down here .. . 13 degrees in December  . . . in Georgia!?!?!?

Oh well, have a good one folks . . . as promised.

Go Falcons!


Friday, December 10, 2010

Time to tip over the boat.

First of all, i just wanted to let you all know I have been attempting to start this entry for at least 5 minutes.  But I had to re-bandage my index finger from the lethal injury I sustained on Monday (mental note/word to the unwise: don't try to clean scissors by hand).  Ok, finger is ready, let me proceed.

 *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
As I sit here sipping on my hot cocoa and reflecting on last night, I wonder when is it time to give up and jump ship?  For those that do not know or can not decipher from the design, I am a huge Tennessee Titans fan.  Last night, they played another horrible game against A Team Whose Name We Cannot Say and lost of course.  So, today, I march my happy little self into work with my team sweater on proudly supporting them in their time of distress.  Of all people, my boss LT (low talker) says, "Oh, so you are STILL supporting them?"  (or at least that's what it looked like she said when I read her lips) and she chuckles.  She goes on about how she caught a glimpse of the game last night (apparently the parts where we looked terrible-wait, that was the entire game) and was wondering if I was still gonna be a fan.  Hell yeah, I am!   Her closing remarks were, "Well, I still think their colors are pretty and they look good on the field."  Are you serious?!!?  Football isn't about looking pretty and having nice colors. . . .  it's about being menacing, cold-hearted, mean spirited and victorious. 

SO AT THIS TIME I DECLARE : It is time for Head Coach Jeff Fisher to resign.  He has been a great coach and an asset to the Titans for the past 14 years (longest tenured coach with a single team in NFL -currently), but the fire isn't there anymore.  He has a lot of talent on both sides of the ball but refuses to utilize them to the fullest and experiment with options or even divert away from the "run game".  I am no sports analyst or even a former athlete but I am a fan and I know football.  That in itself . . .  makes me an expert.

Also, I have never been a bandwagoneer but I feel it's time to turn over a new leaf.  As a current and 10 yr resident of metro Atlanta, GA *ahem*  I, 2andababy, wholeheartedly declare that I will support the Atlanta Falcons for the remainder of the season.  I will root for them as they march towards their NFC title and travel to TX for the Super Bowl. Will I purchase any team paraphernalia?  NO!  But I will talk about them in sports circles, blogs and such.  I will also end all of my blog entries from now until the end of the current NFL season with (oh, you have no idea how much pain this is causing me)  . . .

Go Titans Falcons!!!     


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Speak Up!

I will make this brief.  It seems like all the women in my life that I am obligated to listen to talk low.  I mean really?  My boss has the softest voice in America, even when she attempts to amplify it .  Honestly, does she really expect me to hear her through her office, past the conference room, into my cube, over Pandora, my loud keyboard pecking and this ancient laserjet printer?!!?  I have a hard enough time hearing her standing in her face!!  She's a low talker (thanks Seinfeld).  Additionally, my wife and oldest daughter have the uncanny ability to have the most to say to me when I am in the kitchen, with the dishwasher going, washing clothes and with the tv on in the other room. Oh, and to make matters worse . . . feelings get hurt when I look confused and ask them to speak up or repeat what they just muttered.  My wife usually tends to say "don't worry about it" and my daughter is starting to catch on and just walk away.  I just don't understand why they can't amplify their voices so they can be heard.  That's why I appreciate the lil one so much (19 mos.) she is small but she makes sure she is heard over all that is going on.  In those rare occasions when you don't hear her . . .she gets in your face and makes you aware of her presence. 


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What would you do?

Georgia man turns down NFL for railroad job  |

As much as I love (American) football and wouldn't mind being even on the practice squad or possibly just get a job at the NFL . . . I really think his decision was a good one. It shows that there are times when you have to be selfless and more practical about your decisions in life. I usually don't do multiple post but I saw this entry and wanted to share it with other people outside of my facebook family. I mean . . . a chance at being on a Super Bowl team?!?! I don't know how much money he is making at the railroad but he is passing up the chance to make at least $300k (i guess it is prorated per game). So with 4 games left in the regular season and the Jets making the playoffs either wild-card or whatever . . . . that's about $80k!!! I still understand his decision and wish this story was something young students and children growing up in today's society were exposed to. It is not always about the money . . . stability, family, responsibility a foundation goes farther than a large bank account.



I spoke with someone this morning and they were complaining about their job.  What's new?  Of course, "in this economy" most employers are aware that their "slaves" will take what they can get and not complain.  Right?  Wrong.  We complain, often it's just not to the people that can change anything.  Normally it's to our friends, co-workers, significant others, blogs, Twitter, FB, etc.  But what are we really complaining about?  The fact that we are working or the fact that we are overworked. Or is it the fact that the people that we work for and with just get on our damn nerves!?!?  Well, in the instance this morning, it was the latter.  Don't misconstrue my meaning, I don't always LOVE or even like the people I work with but I have come to accept the fact that, they are who they are- just co-workers and I don't have to live with them.  I do what I can to make my outside life and activities exciting and enjoyable enough to not even think about those people when they are not around.  All my life I have worked with people of different races, colors and creeds and it really hasn't bothered me.  The person I spoke with this morning said "those people" were reeeeeeaaaaaaallllllllly getting on her nerves and she needs to find something else . ...QUICK!!  I started to feel worried, cause I didn't want her to "go postal" (old eighties phrase) at her job-especially with my child in the building.  This also got me thinking . . .  where else would you go that you would not have to deal with "those people" and them getting on your nerves?  EUREKA!!  The idea hit me like Robinson hit Jackson (don't worry he's okay now).  Why not create equally comparable employment for people to work and feel comfortable in their surroundings?  It's not the same premise as the HBCUs but I coined it *PBJE* (Predominately Black Jobs & Employers) . . . it's genius!!  Okay, really folks, I'm just playing but I put it out there to say . . . deal with it.  You will always encounter people of different races, religious beliefs, with different hygiene practices, no common sense, no street sense, lower educational status, etc.  that's what makes us who we are.  If everyone was the same and did things the way we wanted them to do it, we would all be robots!  And furthermore, who would decide who we should follow or what person's preferences are the status quo?  Let's just learn to co-exist in our society, jobs, homes, entertainment or whatever.  This is not saying allow people to take advantage of you and belittle you but stand your ground.  Let people know who they are dealing with and what you will and will not accept. Once the grounds rules are established, I assure you their approach will be better and less nerve-wrecking for you overall. 


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No turnin' back*

I am a firm believer in living a life of no regrets.  I mean, you rarely get a second chance to correct things that happened in your past, right?  I will admit to this; I feel I have made some misguided decisions in my past and tried to justify them on the back-end with prayer.  I really hope you understand what I mean by that because if I try to explain it,  you would have to plug in your laptop or charge your phone to read it all.  I am not as complicated as I try to make myself or my life out to be . . . I just complicate things in my life (lost even more, eh?).  In my past, I have sought the advice of close friends and family members when it came to life-altering decisions.  In hindsight, (not regretfully) maybe I should have just consulted myself and God.  I mean who knows you better than you?  God!  I used the excuse many times that, I'm just living my life and I have to experience different things in life in order to grow and be able to learn and gain wisdom.  As I reflect, wisdom comes from being able to make the right decisions and minimal mistakes based on what one feels inside.  It has taken (work in progress) over 30 years for me to understand that doing what I feel is right and not what close friends, family or the emotions of others dictate to do. It is the only way to live without having so many "what if" scenarios running around in my head.   I usually try to leave y'all with something to ponder or just a nice word(s) of wisdom; but this time I leave you to yourself and your thoughts, no influence from . . .


*This was not about any specific situation, relationship gone awry or love lost.  I selected this song for its nostalgia.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mac or PC?

So my computer got a virus at work the other day (possibly from a file sent from a friend-but I don't want to believe it).  Now, other than the fact that I no longer have that file to gander at from time to time. . . I lost everything else on my computer.  This got me to thinking . . . sometimes relationships can be like computers.  When you meet someone new, it's like getting a new computer!  You are happy, can't spend enough time with them, there is nothing that they can do wrong.  You want to personalize them to fit your needs and allow them into all aspects of your personal life.  But then the inevitable (in PC world) happens, someone decides they want to take over your computer and cause you grief.  You are living the G.O.O.D. life with your computer and having fun, planning trips, Exploring the WWW., even introducing members (pics) of your family and friends.  Then . . . CRASH!!  It's all gone!!  You try all your options tech support (counseling), anti-viral software (friend support) and even taking a break (not sure what leaving your computer alone for a few days is supposed do to fix it, but we do it anyway).  After all that trial and error, you end up having to either go out and buy a new computer or wipe the drive clean.  Regardless of how you look at it, you are starting over.  So as it goes in relationships, you have to start all over.  Normally, this comes in the form of meeting someone new.  A lot of time we tend to wait before we buy a new PC (which is equivalent to "taking sometime to yourself") but in the end we get back in the computing (dating) scene.  Now, it would have been really clever if I used more computer terms to relate my topic, but I don't have that kinda time . . . gotta get back to personalizing my PC.  But I will leave you with this thought . . . they say Macs don't get viruses, of course they are a little more difficult to learn from a PC but it's not impossible, and they are not as "open" for change as a PC but is that really all that bad?  You get security, longevity and better performance in a Mac .  If you had a choice, will your next relationship be with a Mac or a PC?


Monday, November 22, 2010

A blues for the Ga. Peach*

As I said before, sometimes it is SO easy
It shouldn't be but it is, for a guy like me. 
On the surface, it seemed as if I had it all in order, 
But you see, it was all a facade to be revealed at a later time and place. 

If I knew then, what I know now . . . 
How nurturing you were and how good you could have been for me
. . . maybe I would've treated you different. 
I say maybe because, it was SO easy to "play" the game. 

It was like I wrote the rules and you had the handbook, 
Little did I know, it was setting me up for disappointment. 
I treated you slightly better than dirt, but you never blew away, 
Well, maybe for a minute or two but you always came back. 
I always wanted you to come back but not really, because 
Living the playa lifestyle was SO easy. 

You knew what you wanted and you knew what I could provide, 
You were aware of my indiscretions but your feelings you couldn't keep inside. 
I toyed with your emotions, brought you sunlight and drained your juices . . . 
The last part hurt me deeply but I couldn't let you know that cause . . . 
It was SO easy.

You fell off the tree and rolled straight to me but  . . . 
I wasn't ready to use you in my recipe.
I felt I could keep you around until I was ready to taste the sweetness you possess
But there were so many other options and fruit on my plate I didn't want to miss out. 
Thinking back, maybe I did, maybe it was for the best. 

I guess living the playa lifestyle was SO easy until you put a face to the fruit. 
I might have missed that harvest but the tree still has roots.

*Any resemblance to a real person or situation is intentional.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

And to think I wanted to be one.

A dentist.  Yep, I know it might seem weird if you know me that I wanted to be a dentist.  I believe it started when I was a young'un and the thought of someone helping you keep your smile looking great was cool to me!  I had the occassional cavity here and there growing up as a kid but it never scared me to visit that office.  I even did a report on a dentist from my church for school and became more "glamoured" (I miss TB) by the profession.  It wasn't until I realized I had to take Biology in college and all the other sciences that would follow, that I changed from Pre-Dent to Political Science (I know BIG difference).  Anyway, I say all that to say; I went to the dentist this morning for what I never thought in my life I would have to go through . . . a ROOT CANAL! Yeah, yeah, go ahead and make fun of my rotten, dirty mouth . . . I try my best to brush, floss and rinse with mouthwash on a regular basis but at times I fall short.  Not to mention the 2-3 years that either I didn't have dental insurance or couldn't afford the co-pay to go . . . so there goes preventive maintenance.  But I can only blame myself for what I have to go through over the next few months to get my teeth healthy again.  I feel as if I have to keep all my teeth and keep them healthy, not just for my girls but cause one of the first things I notice on  a person is their smile- which normally includes their teeth.  Even if you don't show your teeth when you smile, if your teeth are jacked up or missing, it shows in your smile.  Trust me . . . I'm a smile/teeth watcher.  So if I'M looking at those things, I feel like everyone else is!!  Not to mention I'm already self conscious about certain things with my appearance, I don't need anything else to worry about.  Now the dentist I visited today was recommended by an associate (I say that because we are acquainted by association of another high school/college buddy of mine).  I will not go in to details about the procedure, or complain about the cost that I have to pay OOP (out-of-pocket), let's just say they made the experience as pleasant as it could be given the circumstances.  So here's the kicker . . . he's black (i don't like to use the term African-American because that could also be a white person- you know it's not only black folk in Africa) and his staff is all white women (save for a single black female that I noticed chilling in the back).  Of course, it's 20TN as Jeezy said our President is black, and it's not uncommon for a situation like this to exist. Did I mention, his office is in a really nice, rural predominately caucasian area?  Most of his patients are caucasian but he takes me to his office to watch youtube videos featuring this rapper from Chi-Town!!  I love it!!  He keeps it 100% with all his patients and finds ways to connect with them on any level, he and his staff have great people skills.  You may be wondering, what does all this have to do with the price of tea in China?  I will tell you. . . I look at him and his practice and start thinking . . .  "damn, that could've been me."


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How does your garden grow?

I see this is becoming an epidemic not only in Atlanta but across the country.  Successful, black, intelligent, SINGLE women with no valid prospects for marriage.  You might say, "well, what do you mean by that?"  It is what it is . . . just read it again.  On my way to work as I was venting about a situation to myself in the car, I realized it's not necessarily the fault of the woman.  Nor the fault of the man, alone.  It is a joint issue that must be address in order to be resolved.  The  women of my topic generally want a man that can supplement them in every way (notice I said supplement- in the sense of 'extend or strengthen the whole') but have a hard time finding a man that is at that point where he is ready or able to do what it takes when she is ready.  The key words are again 'when SHE is ready', most men develop at a slower pace than women thus might need some pushing, or encouragement.  I am not saying that in order to have a thriving relationship you must raise the man; but I am saying you must treat him and your relationship like a garden . . . give it what it needs to grow and it will in turn give you what you need and sometimes want.  I know a boatload (more like a canoe) of "topic women" that are single and look at me like "i was the one that got away" (thanks Kanye); but what a lot of them don't realize is, my wife didn't give up.  At times she probably thought, I didn't fit into her "five-year" plan or I was hindering her ability to grow but she continued to water and fertilize the garden.  I guess it's a case of, how bad do you want it?  I am not saying women should settle for any man they can get and hope and pray he will turn out to be "that man" with a little work . . . men have to at least be willing and ready to be planted.  Initially, I wasn't and I resisted.  I eventually came around and began to see the vision and what could be accomplished if I get on board and stop trying to be a playa (that's another topic for another day . . . it piggybacks off this one heavily).  So as men, we need to strive to be more than entertainers, athletes, trap stars, or live without attainable goals.  If a woman can see the potential in you to do more and be more . . . allow it to manifest.  Don't see it as her trying to change you or make you who she wants you to be.  Maybe she realizes she has a good thing in you and wants to nurture you and help you to grow to be more of what she knows you can be.  If you think of all the successful black men that you might know or know of . . . most of them got there or are in the process of getting there because of a woman . . . not so much  because of their homeboys.  Even if it was their mother or Madea (R.I.P), women sometimes have more gumpshun than men.  So as I close these thoughts and let you go back to your own . . . let me leave you with this:  are you doing all that you can to make your life and the life of your significant other better? 


Saturday, November 13, 2010


So this is a pic of the actual pager I got suspended from school for wearing in the 10th grade! My mom found it this morning in a box, and hands it to me like "here ya go". I can't remember if I ever got it back after that suspension, but if I didn't; I guess she saw fit that I get it now. Ain't that something?! That's one of the reasons I like about coming home, its calming, humbling and somewhat motivational. I never have to worry about who's watching the girls when I'm here -calm. My mom and my dad still expect their respect as if I don't have my own family and household that I take care of -humbling. I see people and things that I would like to see improved or that I don't want to resemble which drives me to improve or make moves-motivation. Never forget where you came from and always try to accentuate the positive.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where is the love?

Ha!  Just when you thought this would be a mushy entry about the love I lost or my feelings and what not . . . it's not.  It is however, a brief rundown on a situation that has occurred locally in my town that is bothering me.  Five teenage boys.  One death.  Do you see where I'm going with this?  Although it is still developing go here for more information.  What has happened to our youth or society that we allow our kids to glorify violence.  Or if it is not glorified, what do you call it?   How can four young men beat another young man to death?!?  I'm not talking methodology, I am referring to mental capacity to feel this is the thing to do.  At this point, it has not been confirmed whether the young men in custody are the assailants but even more ridiculous . . .  they ain't snitchin on the dudes they saw doin it!?!?!?!??  Are you serious?  You are facing a murder charge for stomping a young man to death (and the state wants the death penalty) and you don't want to tell  on who you actually saw do it?  This goes back to my point before.  Why do youth today feel it is more honorable to protect their "homeboi"?  Where are we dropping the ball?  Is it the television and all the gang life or mobster mentality that is portrayed there?  Is it the music and the entertainment that we expose them to that effectually is desensitizing our future?  Are we prepared to grow old in a cold-hearted, callous society were"actual" murderers, thieves, rapist and other criminals roam free because of the "buddy system"?   As you can tell by now, "where is the love?" fits this entry perfect.  I believe it is rapidly fading in our younger generation because it is not exhibited towards them.  Family, friends, educators, law enforcement, neighbors, etc all have a sense of fear for this generation and are doing nothing to show them life is not all that they see from their "digital parents".    I do my part with the kids I interact with in my neighborhood, at my daughters' school and with my family members but; maybe that's not enough.  I am going to look in to becoming a mentor.  I will keep you posted.  What can YOU do to bring the "love" back?


Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Such are the thoughts of a man.

 Not naked in the sense of anything sexual or degrading
But naked meaning bare, without cover.
The opposite sex tends to feel there is more
But they tend to miscontrue what we have in store. 
Not realizing the nakedness of the terms
The vernacular or the words 

I know at times we might seem deep, introspective
or even intellectually supreme, 
don't get me wrong we are all these things. 
But still even with the complexity of our words 
Or the immense vocab that we utilize in our conversation we still remain. . . 

When we say we like you
That's what we mean.
When we say we love you 
That's what we mean.
If I tell you something and explain my thoughts and feelings
That's what I mean.
Don't look beyond the veil of my words.
I have said exactly what was on my mind to say. 
No one can elaborate on my thoughts but me therefore I present them 

Some may feel we are not in sync with ourselves to be so open 
So naked. 
But I am here to testify, what better way to be? 
Especially if you think of women in that way sexually, 
Why not let them in your life that way, mentally. . . 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

While supplies last.

The physical form does not last forever. Our bodies are meant to deteriorate, wither away (if you will) or even just reach their expiration date. My mother's last living (if that's what you consider her state for the past 2yrs) sister passed away today. I do not recall her age but I know before her stroke, she was vibrant and semi-active. Not saying that it was impossible for her to die, just difficult. Difficult in the sense of hearing the hurt and pain in my mothers voice and being miles away and not able to put my arm around her and console her. I told my cousin earlier that God took most of my aunt years ago and left us with what she has been the past or so ago to help us prepare for her not being physically on this earth anymore. We should have been preparing ourselves for this moment in time. I still believe her spiritual influence will remain with us. I will miss her. I wish I could hug my mom. Friends, loved one are not physically here forever. Cherish them. Cherish me. Cherish yourself. When God decides our time has come to an end, that is the end of our physical supply on this earth.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vote, smote, blote.

Today is election day (mid-term) and I said I would not blog about this subject. However, I feel compelled to give my opinion, I will be brief. Voting is not something that should be a fad, it is not myspace, facebook, twitter or a popularity contest. It is a right that a lot of people died in our country to receive and protect. Moreover, in various countries, it is illegal to exercise the right! I appreciate the current sweltering interest in voting and the political process, but do your research. I don't care who you vote for or what amendment you decide y/n on, but just do it (thanks nike). As a political science major, I despise how politicians have made our government so unsavory. With that being said, I still voted. There will always be "mud-slinging" and "smear campaigns" but you as a citizen must perform your due diligence and research the candidates. If you decide to "sit this one out", you have no voice in what goes on and I refuse to be silenced due to ignorance.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

On top of it all, it's Monday.

I will come up with a title for this entry after I finish (not like you will know).  I am not feeling my best today, friends.  I went to a birthday party for a lil dude (1 yr old) this weekend and caught something from all the germ-infested bundles of joy that were around. Now, normally I don't do engagements with a wide variety of "other peoples" kids.  Why you ask?  Well, to put it plainly; I don't like other folks kids.  I love my daughters to death and I feel like that's enough.  Selfish? Possibly, but who are you to judge me?  The two main reasons I don't like "other peoples" kids are : 1) They are usually not as well mannered or respectable as they should be for their age.  2) Germs!!! 

To elaborate, we all know kids have a place in this world and they are our future.  Future.  Not the right now, don't let your kids call me by my first name.  Don't let them be all in our conversations when we are talking about things that don't concern them.  Don't let them be running around tearing up things, taking off their diaper, smearing mess on the tv screen,  etc.  In short, please raise your kids to be respectable citizens in our society.  It starts at home people.  Some things are cute but some things are just downright trifling!  Second, as I mentioned earlier- germs.  My body is immune to the germs that my kids bring home everyday.  Therefore, I can be in their faces all day everyday and not catch much of anything.  I'm not blaming the "party promoter" but I should have probably arrived with a surgical mask on my face.  You laugh, but it would've worked it was a costume party and I could've played a doctor or even a paranoid citizen during the SARS outbreak.  Either way, I would have probably avoided this horrible feeling that I am experieincing. 

Well, I have a busy day ahead of me and need to focus.  More Gatorade (cut the check) for me, hopefully I can replenish the fluids my body has lost over the past 24 hours. 


Thursday, October 28, 2010

B!t#h, you ain't no model!

This stems from a post a friend put on FB earlier today.  "Vote for me for model of the week", what?!?!?  I click through the photo album and all I see are half naked females in bikinis or towels tooting their asses in the air, with that "look back at it" stare and "pucker" lips in the pictures.  Not to mention, most of the pics are self-portraits done in the bathroom mirror with randomness all in the background, i..e cases of water, B & BW lotions, dirty towels, lil kids, personal hygiene boxes, etc.  Are you serious?!  I am trying to raise two, not one but two girls in this type of society?!?  I would ask the question of "where's the decency or self-respect?" but I already know the answer  . . . it was lost decades ago.  Basically, after the "free love" movement of the late 70s, we have become more and more liberal with our views on what is classy or trashy. Now I will admit, as a man, I oogle and Google (cut the check!) at these pics from time to time, because I love women (see earlier post); but even I know when enough is enough.  Looking at those pictures on a public website (no strict privacy settings) was almost equivalent to free porn!!  And these chicks consider themselves models?!!??  Merriam-Webster (check please) has multiple meanings for the word and the one I believe these women are trying to achieve is simply stated : (n) one who is employed to display clothes or other merchandise.  I ask you followers, what merchandise or clothes are these women trying to be employed to display?!?!?!?  Ass and titties?  SUMA panties?!  (String Up My Ass panties), or are they selling the random crap in the background?  I'm not an expert but to me that seems like a botched marketing plan.  As I mentioned earlier, I am trying to raise little girls to be respectable, respected women.  I let them know it's not what you look like, it's how you act and carry yourself that moves you forward in life.  In short, the definition I want them to abide by is: (n) an example for imitation or emulation. They should strive to be something that someone else wants to be, not strive to be something that someone else is trying to be.  I know I might have confused some, but just think about it.  


The realest sh!t I ever wrote.

From this day forward, I will no longer be concerned or bothered with the minor issues of others.  I will always lend a ear and provide that shoulder to cry/lean on but, I will not lose sleep, offer advice, buy a drink or even refer you to anyone that might be an expert (other than prayer and the Bible).  It might seem cold and callous of me to be making this declaration, but I feel it is necessary.  Being an outwardly selfish but inwardly caring and selfless individual (some may disagree) has started to take its toll on me and my happiness.  All these years growing up with my dad and seeing how he doesn't sweat the small stuff has finally sank in and  I realize now why he has patterned his life in that manner.  It used to trouble me that he didn't show more concern or talk more or even just be more involved in our lives as a family . . . makes sense now.  He made sure we had everything that we needed and some of what we wanted as long as we followed the rules he established.  He and my mother had an understanding that anything  "fun" or "not necessity" would be taken care of by her.  At times, I hated him for being that way.  I wanted my dad to take me places, play catch with me (more than just once), invite me on fishing trips, actually show me how to fix cars (instead of my mom making me go outside and watch him), but that wasn't him.  Please don't get me wrong, I don't want to completely be like my father in that aspect.  I will continue to be that father you can talk to, that shows up at school for lunch, takes you out to eat for special occasions or just plays video games with you just for fun.  I guess what I am declaring today is, I will not be a pawn for those that do not appreciate the extra things that I do for them.  My kids are very grateful and love even the little things I do for them- even if they don't know all that I do, they understand- even lil Zoe.  It's the older people in my life that I am applying the "willie" philosophy to and changing my approach.  As the old adage goes, "do unto others, as you would have them do unto you";  is it possible to apply this to your life if you are dealing with someone that isn't on the "same page" with you in regards to communication, consideration and respect?  This may seem like a rant to some, but I feel better revealing this to the world. 


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cranial Arousal . . . Release

Ok, so I lied.  I told a good friend of mine (that does not know how much I value our relationship) that I was inspired to start blogging from a previous blog I read, completely unrelated to hers.  I did not want her to know that she was a major factor in the decision for me to take this step.  When I sit back and think about it, I try not to make it that much of a big deal but . . .  it is!  If you think about it, M.A.N. is my way of telling the world (the world, Craig) what's on my mind.  All or nothing . . . meaning, I will eventually get to the point where I keep nothing from my followers.  Speaking of followers, I don't have any at this time because I have yet to publicize my entries.  I mentioned to my sister and my friend that I started a blog but I didn't give the site address (i guess i'm not completely ready to be a M.A.N.).  As I mentioned previously, I plan to reveal a lot about myself and the things that go on in my life in this blog.  Ups, downs, questions, answers and anything else that just comes to mind and I need to express.  I've even loaded the app for my blog on my phone, in the event I'm out somewhere and something strikes me to share with the world (or the followers I have yet to acquire).  So as I sit here and listen to the G.O.O.D Friday music from Yeezy, I am inspired to come clean and reveal my blog to the masses.  I feel like Kanye has been through so much and he has used those experiences to help him achieve his dream and his talent is amazing (and nooooo matter what you'll never take that from meeeee).  I hope by me revealing things in my blog and sharing my life with followers; it will enable me to learn from them and gain more insight or at least be able to move on because I have "gotten it out my system".  Well, before I go, I want to say to my good friend (who will remain nameless), thank you for inspiring me to open up and release. 

Judge not lest ye be judge first.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Til the end of time . . .

I am not sure why I chose this specific title for this entry but, it just seemed befitting.  There are not many things that I can think of that I would love, like or even want to to "'til the end of time" so where does that saying come from? 

As I was jogging my 2.36 miles yesterday (day 4 of working out), I was thinking of things I enjoy doing . . . eating, joking around, internet surfing (my form of reading), movies, watching football, spending time with family and friends, etc.  All of these activities are great but only in moderation.  I can not imagine myself doing one or all of these things all the time.  That's when I began to ponder is there anything that I could enjoy doing "til the end of time".

Commonly used, most refer to that phrase when they speak of loving someone.  I can agree with that because, love, is an emotion more than an activity (I'm not referring to love-making-pervs!).  I definitely see myself loving someone or multiple people "til the end of time", but that's not what I am searching for. 

Even the fun I had as a teenager and in my 20s was great but, those activities being some "til the end of time"-type ish . . .highly unlikely.  Not only would I probably be dead or in jail, I just don't think a thirty-something person should be living off their parents, smoking 6-7 blunts a day, drinking fifths of whatever, 12-packs of this and trying to "poke" every attractive (and sometimes not so attractive) member of the opposite sex they encounter.  It sounds fun but . . . believe me it gets old. 

I guess I should just be satisfied with the fact that I have lived a life with its share of excitement and disappointment.  Although, there is nothing that I can think of that I can see myself doing "til the end of time" (even though lying on a white sand beach with various women-no kids and a lifetime supply of food and beer, sounds good), I thank God for the ability to live each day and try new things.  Because without new experiences, what would be the reason to look forward to a new day?


Saturday, October 23, 2010

No explanation . . .

Went to church this morning with the wife, youngest daughter and my sister.  Great message.  Basically, God doesn't need to explain his actions or what he does.  The Bible doesn't have to explain the how and the why to the acts of God.  Just know that he is omnipotent and let your faith rest on that knowledge.  Whatever he wants to do or feels needs to be done in our lives . . . he will/can do it.  Just ask. 

*Judge not lest ye be judged first*

Friday, October 22, 2010

Role Playing

What's my role in this _ that we have?
  Am I the provider?  
Am I the confidant?
Am I the one that provides the things you need and want?
Is it's the latter?
Then it would also be the first
Food, gas, utilities . . .sheeet, even a purse.
But wait, let's not stop there
I cook,
I clean,
I work, 
I even iron all our shirts. 
What's my role in this _ that we have? 
I am trying to understand from your point of view. 
I know that there is a give and take, 
A compromise, if you will. 
But it seems as if it's me giving and you taking, 
and that just ain't cool.
This is just a small insight to the creases in my brain. 
My love has changed but it still remains.
Two girls and a wife, 
Some would brag about that life. 
I ain't tryin to say it sucks but, 
It's hard to say there ain't strife.
Not in the physical form cause that ain't me by far.
But in a mental sense of conflict where things just ain't the way they were. 
What's my role in this _ that we have?
I can play your part and mine and do it with ease
But I would rather share the load . . . 
With just you and me.

*Judge not, lest ye be judged first*

Have my cake . . .

I love girls, girls, girls, girls . . . We all know the tune.  Most men admit to it and some know how to deal with it.  Even after marriage, it is still something that seems to haunt us . . . ALL OF US!  Since the beginning of documented history, men have had multiple female "friends", some with benefits and few without.  Don't get me wrong this is by no means an argument for the previous or the latter, it is merely a rant on the topic.  What is cheating?  What is faithfulness?  Whose idea was it for man (or woman) to just be with one mate for the rest of their life?  As long as I can remember, I have had a list of things attributes my "perfect" woman would have and when I found those things . . . it was ON!!  Over time, I have discovered it is all an illusion.   A facade if you will. Can one person truly give you all that you need in life to be happy?  If you and your mate were stranded on a deserted island for 18 months, with no outside interactions or communication, would it make you stronger or pull you apart?   Does having friends, a job, kids or other outlets and things that give you "space" from your mate allow you to have a longer relationship?  In the Bible, a lot of the men that were used by God had a wife and several mistresses . . . does this make them sinners? Were they wrong for how they lived?  God still saw fit to use them for the purpose he placed them on this earth, so what made their actions "unfit" or "illegal" for modern society?  Most men get married because that woman is the best thing that ever happened to them (or that's how they feel at that time) and she makes him feel great.  I equate that to a fresh baked cake that you get to smell, touch and sometimes put a slice on your plate.  Men tend to "cheat" because they don't feel loved, are underappreciated, can't experiment sexually or all of the above.  I equate that to being able to eat that cake.  The thing about it, once you "eat" the thing you have been craving, lusting, and feel like you were being deprived of for so long . . . it's gone and it's hard to get that warm feeling back again.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

One small step for M.A.N.

I did it!  I went to the gym, had a great workout and now I'm back at home.  Congratulations to me on this small (but big) accomplishment.   Carry on friends.

***UPDATE***  I ran on the treadmill yesterday for the first time in a long time (I normally run through my neighborhood) and it took me a little over 20 mins. to do under 2 miles.  I am disappointed but hopeful. 

Fallin' off

Don't expect this to be something that will happen all the time.  I think the novelty will eventually wear off and I will start seeing this "airing of the mind" as a chore more than a leisure activity.  Until then, enjoy the cap being off the hydrant!  I have not been to the gym or done any type of exercise (other than the occasional dumbbell arm curl) in over a month!   Actually, I believe it's been almost two months! I got off my normal routine when my daughter came back from her "vacation" with my mother and school started back for her.  So, it was officially 2mos on Friday the 15th.  Today I declared I would not sit around and let the laziness overcome me and I have to get it together!  See, I had a system.  I would workout after work, come home cook for my wife and our youngest daughter, relax and chill.  This was during the time when she and I would alternate days to watch the little one while the other was going for a run, using the community gym (apt. living) or doing Insanity (that was her thing, not mine . . . Sean T. is crazy).  But, after school started back, I kept it up for a while then I realized she wasn't motivated to stay in shape anymore and things that were happening around her were causing her to be distracted and depressed (you ladies know what that leads to) and that's when I fell off.  I was trying to be a caring husband and not leave her alone with the girls while I would be gone for an hour or so just to keep myself looking good and feeling good.  It became difficult to get the workout in before I picked the girls up from school because I would have to rush and get to school all sweaty and stank (not a good look for my 7-yr old).  So I stopped and became a complacent (albeit disgruntled) couch potato.  Well, that's it!  I'm done making excuses, I am getting back in the gym today and no one or nothing is gonna stop me!!    I will let you know how if this works!

No turning back . . .

Welcome, to the first installment of what goes on in my head and all the randomness that is Memplanta.  I have been thinking about blogging for a few years but, only recently have I decided to act upon this notion.  I mentioned to my wife, "maybe you should start a blog.  you know, to get out the things that you don't feel like discussing or telling me about" (of course, i was thinking- i would find her blog, and be kept abreast [no pun intended] of the things that are on her mind).  To no avail, she declined.  Another communication attempt thwarted by lack of motivation and drive.  Well, I don't want this to start off as a FML session, riddled with complaints and depressing anecdotes that no one cares about, so I will change the subject. Better yet, I will end this entry on that note . . . I can feel my innards heading in that negative direction and I ain't pulling no one in on that.