Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's the weekend- half- assed post!

So as I mentioned earlier, here is the story on how I won an iPad. It was at my sister's company Christmas party (they may call it a holiday party to be PC but I don't give a rats ass).  So, I went to this party last year and had a really good time. They had on costumes, had GREAT food and the spirits were flowing freely.  Of course, I had to keep my composure and not get too twisted as not to embarrass her or make her lose her job but we made it through. 

Fast forward to this year (>>>>>>>- I really wanted to type that "fast forward" sound but I am not that creative), and the happenings that you missed.  I wasn't supposed to go!  I opted out and was going to let the wife attend so she could enjoy all the revelry.  However, with "snowjam 2010", she was super busy at work and with our youngest being sick, she didn't really feel like leaving.  So . . . I went in her place and represented as only I could!!!!

Well, this year (wait, I notice I use the term "well" a lot- did anyone else pickup on that?  Does it bother y'all?) the theme was Moulin Rouge.  That sucked for me because it was more "classy" than comical.  Well, it was supposed to be . . . far be it from my sis and I not to find enormous amounts of hilarity in everyday people.  Of course the food selection was great and I decided this year NOT to drink as much as I did in the previous year (I only had 2 beers and 1.5 drinks- liquor first . . . you know liquor before beer never fear). But I was enjoying myself just walking around the country club acting as if  I truly belong and it was "my hangout" and everyone else was just visiting. 

SN:  Lil Zig just woke up coughing and didn't seem too happy.  Crisis averted, back to the moment.  Towards the end of the party, they always do a raffle for prizes and these prizes are really nice!  However, I have never won anything in my life (except for the time my mom made my sis and I call in a local radio station and sing a song- I think we got tix to the circus or something- it was horrible).  So as we sit in the back of the crowd (near the bars) hanging out waiting, I hear my ticket number called!!!!  (Insert text short hand here): GTFOH!!  I didn't believe it but as I walked towards the stage screaming WAIT! WAIT! I WON!! IT'S ME!!  and made my way on the stage, all I could think about was my new favorite comedian Kevin Hart and in my head saying "sh!t just got real".

I like to talk . . . period.  If you know me and have been around me sober, tipsy or wasted you know I can run my mouth- most of the time about random BS.  I say that to say, it was a mistake for the CEO of the company to be on stage calling out the winners and letting the winners speak on the mic when they hit the stage.  I really wish someone would've "Kanyed" me because I was just going on and on showing gratitude to people I didn't even know.  Oh, and even though I feel like my appearance has changed slightly over the past year, the CEO still told me (and the entire crowd) I look a lot like Spike Lee-REALLY?

Well, (there it goes again) I get my prize and the chick in charge of the raffle made sure I was aware the I knew what I was receiving. "This is an iPad" , she kept saying as she shoved the gift bag to my chest and motioned for me to break away from the crowd as if they were an angry mob of customers at the Apple store on iPad release date and I had the last 32G- Wi-Fi model.  She even went as far as putting the ribbon straps from the bag on my arm to make sure I didn't lose it!  Well, we made it out of the party safely and I didn't get mauled for my winnings or spoils if you will.  I had a great time and gave the prize to my sister.  I love electronics but I know she has been wanting one of those things since they debuted and it was a perfect unexpected Christmas gift.  I mean after all, isn't this the season of giving and spreading joy? 

Tomorrow my Titans play again.  It's against the Houston Texans, I'm not sure if it's a home game or not ( I usually keep up with that because my best friend is a double season ticket holder and I get to go when it's available) but I am just waiting this season out, if you recall.  So as promised . . . oh, before I forget thanks to the simplest dude in my blogsphere for providing the inspiration for the weekend post.


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  1. thanks for coming over to visit & follow my blog. i tend to write things that i should really keep to myself...
    maybe the lady put the straps onto your arm cuz she was concerned you might be tipsy & drop it. i've certainly done stupider things when the drinks started flowing.