Friday, December 10, 2010

Time to tip over the boat.

First of all, i just wanted to let you all know I have been attempting to start this entry for at least 5 minutes.  But I had to re-bandage my index finger from the lethal injury I sustained on Monday (mental note/word to the unwise: don't try to clean scissors by hand).  Ok, finger is ready, let me proceed.

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As I sit here sipping on my hot cocoa and reflecting on last night, I wonder when is it time to give up and jump ship?  For those that do not know or can not decipher from the design, I am a huge Tennessee Titans fan.  Last night, they played another horrible game against A Team Whose Name We Cannot Say and lost of course.  So, today, I march my happy little self into work with my team sweater on proudly supporting them in their time of distress.  Of all people, my boss LT (low talker) says, "Oh, so you are STILL supporting them?"  (or at least that's what it looked like she said when I read her lips) and she chuckles.  She goes on about how she caught a glimpse of the game last night (apparently the parts where we looked terrible-wait, that was the entire game) and was wondering if I was still gonna be a fan.  Hell yeah, I am!   Her closing remarks were, "Well, I still think their colors are pretty and they look good on the field."  Are you serious?!!?  Football isn't about looking pretty and having nice colors. . . .  it's about being menacing, cold-hearted, mean spirited and victorious. 

SO AT THIS TIME I DECLARE : It is time for Head Coach Jeff Fisher to resign.  He has been a great coach and an asset to the Titans for the past 14 years (longest tenured coach with a single team in NFL -currently), but the fire isn't there anymore.  He has a lot of talent on both sides of the ball but refuses to utilize them to the fullest and experiment with options or even divert away from the "run game".  I am no sports analyst or even a former athlete but I am a fan and I know football.  That in itself . . .  makes me an expert.

Also, I have never been a bandwagoneer but I feel it's time to turn over a new leaf.  As a current and 10 yr resident of metro Atlanta, GA *ahem*  I, 2andababy, wholeheartedly declare that I will support the Atlanta Falcons for the remainder of the season.  I will root for them as they march towards their NFC title and travel to TX for the Super Bowl. Will I purchase any team paraphernalia?  NO!  But I will talk about them in sports circles, blogs and such.  I will also end all of my blog entries from now until the end of the current NFL season with (oh, you have no idea how much pain this is causing me)  . . .

Go Titans Falcons!!!     


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  1. I feel your pain my fellow blogger. My team (Dallas Cowboys) SUCKS this year, and it is heartbreaking. However, so far I have refused to cheer for a "back-up" team. So far....