Wednesday, December 29, 2010

When public parking goes wrong.

The other day a good friend (GF) of mine was taking his "fiance" to the grocery store to pick up a few things.  As they make their way through the lot, he spots a perfect spot towards the front and begins to turn into it . . . CAUTION!!!  At the same time, an older lady (OL) notices the same spot and attempts to go around his vehicle to get in the exact same spot!   A standoff ensues.

After about 20 min (of course his "fiance" went in the store to do her shopping), my GF is still patiently waiting on the OL to move and so is she.  Another patron leaves the store and just happens to be parked directly next to the "war space".  This allows the OL to make her way into that spot and GF took the original spot.  At this time, the local police arrive-Duhn, duhn, duuuuhhhhhnnnn (that was my "danger is looming" sound).  They go to the OL's car and get information from her regarding the incident and allow her to go in the store to complete her shopping. Next, they make their way over to my GF and ask him what happened, he explains.  Then,  they ask for his ID- here is the issue.  One of the main reasons we are GF is because we see things in a similar light but he being a Marine Corp vet, he tends to be a bit more on edge than me- most of the time.  A simple question that might have been to some but to him, it was the catalyst for destruction.  He responds with, "Why? Am I being charged with something?"  Of course they reply "no", because no actual crime has been committed- they just wanted to run his ID to check for warrants or outstanding tickets.  Not to mention, my GF is about 6'0", 245lbs- kinda menacing when he wants to be.  After about 15 min of the authorities not giving him a reason as to why they needed his ID and him not wanting to willingly release it, he was arrested!  They charged him with obstruction of justice- impeding an investigation- I could not believe it!

Now, I say all that to say this . . . sometimes you have to choose which battle you want to fight and which battles you have higher chance of winning.  As I mentioned earlier, I have been in similar situations in the metro area but realized at times, that officer or bouncer was not in the mood for me or anything that I was saying (as reasonable as it might have been) and I conceded.    A lot of this happened after the birth of my oldest daughter- you know, I got a different perspective on life and realized I wasn't just out there living for me but for her and her future . . .. blah, blah, blah- sometimes growing up sucks bathtub sponge! 

My GF is out of jail and he understands he could have avoided the entire altercation and the hassle that he will have to face in the months to come.  HOWEVER, he still feels he was well within his right to question the officer.  I agree with him but he also has to understand, certain jurisdictions don't take that time to "play" with citizens and feel in order for them to do their job, you must do what they say . . . and others are a bit more "Gomer Pyle" about it all. 

Well, he is supposed to be at the party we are having at my sisters house this weekend (celebrating 1-1-11) and I will probably have a drunk counseling session with him then.  I will tell you more about that later!!

13-3!!  What is your team's record!?


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