Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Much Ado About . . .

I haven't really had much to blog about lately and have just been enjoying the holidays and spending time relaxing.  I had a really enjoyable Christmas, spent time with the wife and her family- I can't say I had a blast but it was an okay time.  Speaking of the wife and her family, I have a question to ask all of you.  Is it a problem or is it bad that I still don't know all of her extended family members by their names?  I mean, I could pick'em out in a line up but if you ask me to find them in a movie theater- I'd just sit by myself.  I ask because, even though we have only been married less than a year, we dated for almost 6 or more (don't tell her I don't know the specifics).  Doesn't that mean I should at least know the names of these people I have seen off and on over this time period  in my life?  I guess it's no big deal.  I have never been good with names anyway.  I normally always look for something significant or different about a person that I interact with and come of with a moniker for them related to that thing i.e. Kuntry Eddie.

I guess I could tell you more about my Christmas.  I think I might have mentioned this previously, but we opened our gifts last Wednesday.  It was really neat cool gnarly because my sister came by and we all got a chance to experience the reactions from the little one and the oldest one for their first real (action involved) Christmas together.  I surprised my sister even more when we presented her with a case for her newly acquired iPad.  It is actually neat, it converts to a stand for typing and a display for show.  She was not expecting it, especially since I just "gifted" her my free iPad.  But I truly believe 'tis better to give than to receive at anytime of the year.   The wife  . . . . wait let me interject for a moment.  KE is talking to me about last night's game and other football randomness.  I love football and will sit around and talk about it for hours with anyone but not while I'm sharing my thoughts with the world and eating my grits!!!  Leave me be and go do your job!  *back to your regularly subscribed blog*   . . . The wife and I invested in a PS3!!!  I am normally not a big gamer but we decided since we are trying to get a house next year, this PS3 would be our "date nights" for the next 6-8 mos.  Oh the sacrifices!  I will let you know how that goes in a few weeks.  I would continue to tell you more about the gifts we received but I don't really want to anymore . . . let's just be content with our bounty and move on.


Well, (there it goes again)  this week I have the privilege of working half-days the rest of the week and am off on Friday!! Wooot!!  Half-days?  yeah, my stupid job has just taken on this "use it or lose it" policy when it comes to vacation time.  So I had about 16 hours left and decided to take them at my leisure (time not the suit).  But even working 4 hours seems SOOOO long when all I want to do is go home and lay on my sofa, play video games and eat cookies.  Oh, yeah the wife wants me to get back in the gym.  Can you believe that?  After all this time, I have been motivating her to workout and stay in shape (health reasons not because I think she's overweight) and now that she's doing her thing and getting compliments, she feels I need to get back in the swing of working out and exercising.  Bah Humbug!! 


I have heard the saying that, "no self respecting southerner eats instant grits".  Maybe I got that from a movie but I agree; however, what am I supposed to do when I'm at work and want a nice warm bowl of grits to soothe my soul?!?!?  On that note, I am ending this bunch of randomness and will knock out the remaining 3hrs 10 min of my work day.

OMT (one more thing): last night my "transplant team" played like "the team whose name we do not speak of" but I will still remain loyal (till the end of this season). . .

Falcons Rise Up!!!!


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  1. what if you don't eat grits at all? does that mean you're no kind of southerner? cuz i live in the south, but i wasn't raised here & that's one thing i just can't eat.
    merry christmas, now go eat cookies on your couch!