Sunday, December 12, 2010

I LOVE fried hot dogs!

A dirty grill has more flavor!

Well, it's the weekend and most people don't blog or even read blogs on weekends. . . so I will take a phrase from another blog I like to follow- here's my Half-Assed Weekend post.

Yesterday, I did NOTHING and loved it!  My sister spent the night on our sofa (sorry, sis) and took the oldest little one out all day. It was cool, i guess . .. I wasn't there but it seems like they had a good time. At least I was able to keep up with her whereabout while they galavanted throughout the city via Foursquare (Big Brother for social geeks).  My wife allowed me to sleep for almost 3 hours yesterday-uninterrupted and I love her for that.  I mean she didn't allow the little, bitty one wake me up.  Except for the when she attempted to take my socks off and smell my feet but, it did not deter my mission.  Other than that . . . it was pretty uneventful, we just sat around watching old movies on Netflix and relaxing-it was great.

Well, this morning, I realized we were out of milk, eggs and need to get somethings for the oldest daughter to take to school this week for the "gingerbread building" party they are having next week (don't worry, if I can make it, I will take pics and share-possibly my first picture blog).  So as I make my way through the aisles of the local Wally World, I come to a shocking revelation .  . .. the little blue handbaskets they give you are not big enough for my essentials!!  Now, don't get me wrong, I am not one that says bigger is better or that you need more than what you can carry but follow my logic folks.  I went to pick up among other things, a gallon of milk and a carton of eggs (nothing less than 18 large- my girls eat like 13 yr old boys).  I get the milk and trot over to the egg section and realize they won't fit comfortably in the basket!!  Why not?!  Most of the time when you make a market run, what are you going to get?  Well, sanitary napkins, contraceptives, tissue and chocolate don't count . . .nor does beer because there is ALWAYS room for beer.  But a person with children knows that you always run out of milk and eggs before anything else . . . why not make the little basket slightly longer to fit the eggs and the gallon of milk?  I really hope that Wally World doesn't change this because I already feel they are a major part of the fleecing of our middle class but that will not be a topic on any of my blogs.

Anyway, I got the eggs and the milk and all is well.  Now to eat my breakfast and get my mind prepared for pre-game and later all day NFL.  I love  Sundays . . . the Titans were on Thurs (notice I didn't say they played) so today I can focus all my efforts on my "new" team the Atlanta Falcons.  I hope they win, I need some motivation for this week . . . it's gonna be a cold one!  Thanks to Bob in Alberta, for the Arctic Blast we are experiencing down here .. . 13 degrees in December  . . . in Georgia!?!?!?

Oh well, have a good one folks . . . as promised.

Go Falcons!


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