Monday, December 13, 2010

A case of the weeklys.

Another busy day for me due to the lack of participation from my "co-worker".  I use that term loosely because you have to actually work to be considered a true co-worker.  This will be brief so bear with me. Our warehouse guy (my wife and I call him Kuntry Eddie) has an attendance problem.  I  am not sure if it is something that has plagued him since elementary school but I am aware it is happening  in his adult life.  Now, KE is a decent worker when he is "available" but that is the key . . . when he's available.

Today, it's about 18 degrees outside and anybody with ears and eyes can see that this has been in the works since about mid-last week.  Why . . . please tell me, would you do repairs on your vehicle and put water in the radiator?  This is a major component of your engine and can cause you grief if it overheats or gets too cold.  So, water freezes at about , what?  32 degrees?  As I mentioned it is 18 this morning!!  Well,  KE is at home because if his incompetence and lack of motivation when it comes to working.  Notice  I said  nothing about not  getting a paycheck because for some odd reason, he has an unlimited supply of "sick time" and will still get paid for this fiasco.  My wife and I have often pondered if he is on drugs, due to the lack of ever completing a 40 hr work week in the 3 yrs I have been with this company.  If anyone can shed light on this subject it would be greatly appreciated.  I think it's meth (those commercials frighten me) but I am not familiar with the antics of a real life meth addict, all I know are crack and heroin addicts, weed heads and alchys. 

Well, I have to go because whenever KE is not at work I have to do my job plus his.  Not that I don't enjoy zipping around the warehouse on a forklift narrowly avoiding knocking over racks and boxes; it's just I don't want to have to do it everyday!  I would say this is a FML moment, but hey, at least I have a job that pays!


Oh yeah, I almost forgot . . .

Rah, Rah, Rah . . . Go Falcons!!  11-2!!!

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  1. for reals, at least you have a job that pays. though, it might be nicer to have KE's job since apparently it involves a steady paycheck & very little work!