Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I spoke with someone this morning and they were complaining about their job.  What's new?  Of course, "in this economy" most employers are aware that their "slaves" will take what they can get and not complain.  Right?  Wrong.  We complain, often it's just not to the people that can change anything.  Normally it's to our friends, co-workers, significant others, blogs, Twitter, FB, etc.  But what are we really complaining about?  The fact that we are working or the fact that we are overworked. Or is it the fact that the people that we work for and with just get on our damn nerves!?!?  Well, in the instance this morning, it was the latter.  Don't misconstrue my meaning, I don't always LOVE or even like the people I work with but I have come to accept the fact that, they are who they are- just co-workers and I don't have to live with them.  I do what I can to make my outside life and activities exciting and enjoyable enough to not even think about those people when they are not around.  All my life I have worked with people of different races, colors and creeds and it really hasn't bothered me.  The person I spoke with this morning said "those people" were reeeeeeaaaaaaallllllllly getting on her nerves and she needs to find something else . ...QUICK!!  I started to feel worried, cause I didn't want her to "go postal" (old eighties phrase) at her job-especially with my child in the building.  This also got me thinking . . .  where else would you go that you would not have to deal with "those people" and them getting on your nerves?  EUREKA!!  The idea hit me like Robinson hit Jackson (don't worry he's okay now).  Why not create equally comparable employment for people to work and feel comfortable in their surroundings?  It's not the same premise as the HBCUs but I coined it *PBJE* (Predominately Black Jobs & Employers) . . . it's genius!!  Okay, really folks, I'm just playing but I put it out there to say . . . deal with it.  You will always encounter people of different races, religious beliefs, with different hygiene practices, no common sense, no street sense, lower educational status, etc.  that's what makes us who we are.  If everyone was the same and did things the way we wanted them to do it, we would all be robots!  And furthermore, who would decide who we should follow or what person's preferences are the status quo?  Let's just learn to co-exist in our society, jobs, homes, entertainment or whatever.  This is not saying allow people to take advantage of you and belittle you but stand your ground.  Let people know who they are dealing with and what you will and will not accept. Once the grounds rules are established, I assure you their approach will be better and less nerve-wrecking for you overall. 


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