Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No turnin' back*

I am a firm believer in living a life of no regrets.  I mean, you rarely get a second chance to correct things that happened in your past, right?  I will admit to this; I feel I have made some misguided decisions in my past and tried to justify them on the back-end with prayer.  I really hope you understand what I mean by that because if I try to explain it,  you would have to plug in your laptop or charge your phone to read it all.  I am not as complicated as I try to make myself or my life out to be . . . I just complicate things in my life (lost even more, eh?).  In my past, I have sought the advice of close friends and family members when it came to life-altering decisions.  In hindsight, (not regretfully) maybe I should have just consulted myself and God.  I mean who knows you better than you?  God!  I used the excuse many times that, I'm just living my life and I have to experience different things in life in order to grow and be able to learn and gain wisdom.  As I reflect, wisdom comes from being able to make the right decisions and minimal mistakes based on what one feels inside.  It has taken (work in progress) over 30 years for me to understand that doing what I feel is right and not what close friends, family or the emotions of others dictate to do. It is the only way to live without having so many "what if" scenarios running around in my head.   I usually try to leave y'all with something to ponder or just a nice word(s) of wisdom; but this time I leave you to yourself and your thoughts, no influence from . . .


*This was not about any specific situation, relationship gone awry or love lost.  I selected this song for its nostalgia.

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  1. I agree. You live your life for yourself, not for anyone else.