Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where is the love?

Ha!  Just when you thought this would be a mushy entry about the love I lost or my feelings and what not . . . it's not.  It is however, a brief rundown on a situation that has occurred locally in my town that is bothering me.  Five teenage boys.  One death.  Do you see where I'm going with this?  Although it is still developing go here for more information.  What has happened to our youth or society that we allow our kids to glorify violence.  Or if it is not glorified, what do you call it?   How can four young men beat another young man to death?!?  I'm not talking methodology, I am referring to mental capacity to feel this is the thing to do.  At this point, it has not been confirmed whether the young men in custody are the assailants but even more ridiculous . . .  they ain't snitchin on the dudes they saw doin it!?!?!?!??  Are you serious?  You are facing a murder charge for stomping a young man to death (and the state wants the death penalty) and you don't want to tell  on who you actually saw do it?  This goes back to my point before.  Why do youth today feel it is more honorable to protect their "homeboi"?  Where are we dropping the ball?  Is it the television and all the gang life or mobster mentality that is portrayed there?  Is it the music and the entertainment that we expose them to that effectually is desensitizing our future?  Are we prepared to grow old in a cold-hearted, callous society were"actual" murderers, thieves, rapist and other criminals roam free because of the "buddy system"?   As you can tell by now, "where is the love?" fits this entry perfect.  I believe it is rapidly fading in our younger generation because it is not exhibited towards them.  Family, friends, educators, law enforcement, neighbors, etc all have a sense of fear for this generation and are doing nothing to show them life is not all that they see from their "digital parents".    I do my part with the kids I interact with in my neighborhood, at my daughters' school and with my family members but; maybe that's not enough.  I am going to look in to becoming a mentor.  I will keep you posted.  What can YOU do to bring the "love" back?


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