Monday, November 22, 2010

A blues for the Ga. Peach*

As I said before, sometimes it is SO easy
It shouldn't be but it is, for a guy like me. 
On the surface, it seemed as if I had it all in order, 
But you see, it was all a facade to be revealed at a later time and place. 

If I knew then, what I know now . . . 
How nurturing you were and how good you could have been for me
. . . maybe I would've treated you different. 
I say maybe because, it was SO easy to "play" the game. 

It was like I wrote the rules and you had the handbook, 
Little did I know, it was setting me up for disappointment. 
I treated you slightly better than dirt, but you never blew away, 
Well, maybe for a minute or two but you always came back. 
I always wanted you to come back but not really, because 
Living the playa lifestyle was SO easy. 

You knew what you wanted and you knew what I could provide, 
You were aware of my indiscretions but your feelings you couldn't keep inside. 
I toyed with your emotions, brought you sunlight and drained your juices . . . 
The last part hurt me deeply but I couldn't let you know that cause . . . 
It was SO easy.

You fell off the tree and rolled straight to me but  . . . 
I wasn't ready to use you in my recipe.
I felt I could keep you around until I was ready to taste the sweetness you possess
But there were so many other options and fruit on my plate I didn't want to miss out. 
Thinking back, maybe I did, maybe it was for the best. 

I guess living the playa lifestyle was SO easy until you put a face to the fruit. 
I might have missed that harvest but the tree still has roots.

*Any resemblance to a real person or situation is intentional.


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