Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Such are the thoughts of a man.

 Not naked in the sense of anything sexual or degrading
But naked meaning bare, without cover.
The opposite sex tends to feel there is more
But they tend to miscontrue what we have in store. 
Not realizing the nakedness of the terms
The vernacular or the words 

I know at times we might seem deep, introspective
or even intellectually supreme, 
don't get me wrong we are all these things. 
But still even with the complexity of our words 
Or the immense vocab that we utilize in our conversation we still remain. . . 

When we say we like you
That's what we mean.
When we say we love you 
That's what we mean.
If I tell you something and explain my thoughts and feelings
That's what I mean.
Don't look beyond the veil of my words.
I have said exactly what was on my mind to say. 
No one can elaborate on my thoughts but me therefore I present them 

Some may feel we are not in sync with ourselves to be so open 
So naked. 
But I am here to testify, what better way to be? 
Especially if you think of women in that way sexually, 
Why not let them in your life that way, mentally. . . 

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