Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mac or PC?

So my computer got a virus at work the other day (possibly from a file sent from a friend-but I don't want to believe it).  Now, other than the fact that I no longer have that file to gander at from time to time. . . I lost everything else on my computer.  This got me to thinking . . . sometimes relationships can be like computers.  When you meet someone new, it's like getting a new computer!  You are happy, can't spend enough time with them, there is nothing that they can do wrong.  You want to personalize them to fit your needs and allow them into all aspects of your personal life.  But then the inevitable (in PC world) happens, someone decides they want to take over your computer and cause you grief.  You are living the G.O.O.D. life with your computer and having fun, planning trips, Exploring the WWW., even introducing members (pics) of your family and friends.  Then . . . CRASH!!  It's all gone!!  You try all your options tech support (counseling), anti-viral software (friend support) and even taking a break (not sure what leaving your computer alone for a few days is supposed do to fix it, but we do it anyway).  After all that trial and error, you end up having to either go out and buy a new computer or wipe the drive clean.  Regardless of how you look at it, you are starting over.  So as it goes in relationships, you have to start all over.  Normally, this comes in the form of meeting someone new.  A lot of time we tend to wait before we buy a new PC (which is equivalent to "taking sometime to yourself") but in the end we get back in the computing (dating) scene.  Now, it would have been really clever if I used more computer terms to relate my topic, but I don't have that kinda time . . . gotta get back to personalizing my PC.  But I will leave you with this thought . . . they say Macs don't get viruses, of course they are a little more difficult to learn from a PC but it's not impossible, and they are not as "open" for change as a PC but is that really all that bad?  You get security, longevity and better performance in a Mac .  If you had a choice, will your next relationship be with a Mac or a PC?


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