Saturday, November 6, 2010

While supplies last.

The physical form does not last forever. Our bodies are meant to deteriorate, wither away (if you will) or even just reach their expiration date. My mother's last living (if that's what you consider her state for the past 2yrs) sister passed away today. I do not recall her age but I know before her stroke, she was vibrant and semi-active. Not saying that it was impossible for her to die, just difficult. Difficult in the sense of hearing the hurt and pain in my mothers voice and being miles away and not able to put my arm around her and console her. I told my cousin earlier that God took most of my aunt years ago and left us with what she has been the past or so ago to help us prepare for her not being physically on this earth anymore. We should have been preparing ourselves for this moment in time. I still believe her spiritual influence will remain with us. I will miss her. I wish I could hug my mom. Friends, loved one are not physically here forever. Cherish them. Cherish me. Cherish yourself. When God decides our time has come to an end, that is the end of our physical supply on this earth.

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