Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vote, smote, blote.

Today is election day (mid-term) and I said I would not blog about this subject. However, I feel compelled to give my opinion, I will be brief. Voting is not something that should be a fad, it is not myspace, facebook, twitter or a popularity contest. It is a right that a lot of people died in our country to receive and protect. Moreover, in various countries, it is illegal to exercise the right! I appreciate the current sweltering interest in voting and the political process, but do your research. I don't care who you vote for or what amendment you decide y/n on, but just do it (thanks nike). As a political science major, I despise how politicians have made our government so unsavory. With that being said, I still voted. There will always be "mud-slinging" and "smear campaigns" but you as a citizen must perform your due diligence and research the candidates. If you decide to "sit this one out", you have no voice in what goes on and I refuse to be silenced due to ignorance.

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