Friday, October 22, 2010

Role Playing

What's my role in this _ that we have?
  Am I the provider?  
Am I the confidant?
Am I the one that provides the things you need and want?
Is it's the latter?
Then it would also be the first
Food, gas, utilities . . .sheeet, even a purse.
But wait, let's not stop there
I cook,
I clean,
I work, 
I even iron all our shirts. 
What's my role in this _ that we have? 
I am trying to understand from your point of view. 
I know that there is a give and take, 
A compromise, if you will. 
But it seems as if it's me giving and you taking, 
and that just ain't cool.
This is just a small insight to the creases in my brain. 
My love has changed but it still remains.
Two girls and a wife, 
Some would brag about that life. 
I ain't tryin to say it sucks but, 
It's hard to say there ain't strife.
Not in the physical form cause that ain't me by far.
But in a mental sense of conflict where things just ain't the way they were. 
What's my role in this _ that we have?
I can play your part and mine and do it with ease
But I would rather share the load . . . 
With just you and me.

*Judge not, lest ye be judged first*

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