Thursday, October 28, 2010

B!t#h, you ain't no model!

This stems from a post a friend put on FB earlier today.  "Vote for me for model of the week", what?!?!?  I click through the photo album and all I see are half naked females in bikinis or towels tooting their asses in the air, with that "look back at it" stare and "pucker" lips in the pictures.  Not to mention, most of the pics are self-portraits done in the bathroom mirror with randomness all in the background, i..e cases of water, B & BW lotions, dirty towels, lil kids, personal hygiene boxes, etc.  Are you serious?!  I am trying to raise two, not one but two girls in this type of society?!?  I would ask the question of "where's the decency or self-respect?" but I already know the answer  . . . it was lost decades ago.  Basically, after the "free love" movement of the late 70s, we have become more and more liberal with our views on what is classy or trashy. Now I will admit, as a man, I oogle and Google (cut the check!) at these pics from time to time, because I love women (see earlier post); but even I know when enough is enough.  Looking at those pictures on a public website (no strict privacy settings) was almost equivalent to free porn!!  And these chicks consider themselves models?!!??  Merriam-Webster (check please) has multiple meanings for the word and the one I believe these women are trying to achieve is simply stated : (n) one who is employed to display clothes or other merchandise.  I ask you followers, what merchandise or clothes are these women trying to be employed to display?!?!?!?  Ass and titties?  SUMA panties?!  (String Up My Ass panties), or are they selling the random crap in the background?  I'm not an expert but to me that seems like a botched marketing plan.  As I mentioned earlier, I am trying to raise little girls to be respectable, respected women.  I let them know it's not what you look like, it's how you act and carry yourself that moves you forward in life.  In short, the definition I want them to abide by is: (n) an example for imitation or emulation. They should strive to be something that someone else wants to be, not strive to be something that someone else is trying to be.  I know I might have confused some, but just think about it.  


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