Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cranial Arousal . . . Release

Ok, so I lied.  I told a good friend of mine (that does not know how much I value our relationship) that I was inspired to start blogging from a previous blog I read, completely unrelated to hers.  I did not want her to know that she was a major factor in the decision for me to take this step.  When I sit back and think about it, I try not to make it that much of a big deal but . . .  it is!  If you think about it, M.A.N. is my way of telling the world (the world, Craig) what's on my mind.  All or nothing . . . meaning, I will eventually get to the point where I keep nothing from my followers.  Speaking of followers, I don't have any at this time because I have yet to publicize my entries.  I mentioned to my sister and my friend that I started a blog but I didn't give the site address (i guess i'm not completely ready to be a M.A.N.).  As I mentioned previously, I plan to reveal a lot about myself and the things that go on in my life in this blog.  Ups, downs, questions, answers and anything else that just comes to mind and I need to express.  I've even loaded the app for my blog on my phone, in the event I'm out somewhere and something strikes me to share with the world (or the followers I have yet to acquire).  So as I sit here and listen to the G.O.O.D Friday music from Yeezy, I am inspired to come clean and reveal my blog to the masses.  I feel like Kanye has been through so much and he has used those experiences to help him achieve his dream and his talent is amazing (and nooooo matter what you'll never take that from meeeee).  I hope by me revealing things in my blog and sharing my life with followers; it will enable me to learn from them and gain more insight or at least be able to move on because I have "gotten it out my system".  Well, before I go, I want to say to my good friend (who will remain nameless), thank you for inspiring me to open up and release. 

Judge not lest ye be judge first.

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