Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fallin' off

Don't expect this to be something that will happen all the time.  I think the novelty will eventually wear off and I will start seeing this "airing of the mind" as a chore more than a leisure activity.  Until then, enjoy the cap being off the hydrant!  I have not been to the gym or done any type of exercise (other than the occasional dumbbell arm curl) in over a month!   Actually, I believe it's been almost two months! I got off my normal routine when my daughter came back from her "vacation" with my mother and school started back for her.  So, it was officially 2mos on Friday the 15th.  Today I declared I would not sit around and let the laziness overcome me and I have to get it together!  See, I had a system.  I would workout after work, come home cook for my wife and our youngest daughter, relax and chill.  This was during the time when she and I would alternate days to watch the little one while the other was going for a run, using the community gym (apt. living) or doing Insanity (that was her thing, not mine . . . Sean T. is crazy).  But, after school started back, I kept it up for a while then I realized she wasn't motivated to stay in shape anymore and things that were happening around her were causing her to be distracted and depressed (you ladies know what that leads to) and that's when I fell off.  I was trying to be a caring husband and not leave her alone with the girls while I would be gone for an hour or so just to keep myself looking good and feeling good.  It became difficult to get the workout in before I picked the girls up from school because I would have to rush and get to school all sweaty and stank (not a good look for my 7-yr old).  So I stopped and became a complacent (albeit disgruntled) couch potato.  Well, that's it!  I'm done making excuses, I am getting back in the gym today and no one or nothing is gonna stop me!!    I will let you know how if this works!

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