Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Are you kidding me?!?!

KE has left the building!  I don't know why he left this time, sick, hangover, warrants- who knows!?  Alls I know is he is gone.  Now, I know we aren't currently super busy in the warehouse but, why not just stick it out and organize (i'm a stickler)?  I need to investigate his "sick time" and see how he maintains a neverending stream of it . . . someone suggested he and my manager have a thang goin on.   If they do, I need evidence so I can blackmail them and use it to my advantage.  I could be getting free lunches, breakfast, half-days, whole days, random gifts, etc.  This is something I really need to investigate.  BTW:  It stinks to high hell in here.  ML (manager lady) just heated up a bucket of cauliflower and there is no fresh air to help with the smell.


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