Thursday, January 6, 2011

In other news . . .

So this morning, I went in for the second half of my dental tooth excavation and of course it was decent.  I think the lil red head has a thing for me but she's too afraid to admit it.  Maybe it's because she knows I'm married and my wife would beat her ass or maybe it's because she is possibly married and doesn't want her husband to feel in adequate or maybe it's just my imagination because I have a "thing" for red heads. 


So yesterday, the Titans decided to cut their ties with their former starting QB Vince Young.  I don't know if I am happy about this decision of not.  I can understand the logic behind the decision, because no player should ever be given the illusion that he or she is bigger than the team or even the coach. VY does have a lot of growing up and maturing to do and I hope he takes this loss of his job as the time to "snap out of it".  On the other hand, the Titans do not have a QB or even a viable option for a starting QB on their roster.  It is almost like they are cutting off the hand to spite the thumb . . . you follow?  Also, I'm not even sure if I am too comfortable with Fisher (HC) remaining in that position with the same "run first" mentality. I mean, what decent QB will come to your team and try to do his best if he knows you don't care about accuracy, yards, TDs v. INTs or even a QB rating as long as your RB gets over 50 75 touches per game?   And don't let me begin to speak about the lack of use of Mr. Randy Moss ( I refer to him formally because he is a great player) . . . I said I would keep y'all posted on this Tennessee Titans fiasco as it unfolds but I'm getting discouraged.  

Oh well . . . 


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